awhttpd 3 Historical Page

awhttpd 3 Historical Page

WARNING: awhttpd 3 has been discontinued. The awhttpd 3 series will not be maintained further except for security fixes and critical stability bugs. Big thanks to everyone who helped with awhttpd 3 over the years.

What's next? Please visit the Antiweb 4 site.

The following page is for historical purposes only.


Next generation of awhttpd: Antiweb 4

END OF LIFE RELEASE for the awhttpd 3 series: AWHTTPD 3.0.8

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You can get information about contacting Doug Hoyte, the project leader of Anti-Web, here.

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Related Projects

AxTLS Embedded SSL

AxTLS. AxTLS is a full SSL/TLS implementation designed with Anti-Web in mind. This is great project and I intend to work further with the AxTLS developers in sharing code and possibly merging the two projects.

Win32 Port by Doug Currie:

This is a port for Mingw so that you can run awhttpd on win32. The version ported was 3.0.3. The port is of high quality, but was not merged into the main distribution for various reasons. Also, the EXE is not distributed with the tgz file. See the file README.WIN32 for more details.
Doug Currie's awhttpd Win32 port


This is an httpd based on awhttpd 2 being developed and maintained by zas. You can download it here: zawhttpd