Here are some of Hardcore Software's programs:

Bear Country (The Game) download page.--> The much talked about game!

Brainstar main page.--> New Brain Wave Software!

Chainsaw Charlie main page.--> Killer game! Literally!

The SIN Toolkit main page.--> SIN Card number verification/creation!> An interesting flight simulator!

invasio3.bas--> The Newest development from HardCore Software: INVASION 3!!!!!! Note: You must have quick-basic to run this, as it isn't compiling correctly> A Great new beta! This is a MUST DOWNLOAD! Now, the fixed version...>Nobody in Mr. Woods tech classes will be able to live without this, now you can get a sneak peak!> The most 3D program I've ever written. Interested in HardCores future games? You MUST check this out. ONLY A DEMO!> An older game put out by Hardcore Software, then under a different name. I've changed the menu, the old one was pretty cryptic, and I've updated the difficulty levels, but this game is essentially still the old classic. 1 and 2 players.> A fun skydiving game.> A cool Double Pong Set written as a joint effort between Hardcore Software and Asinine Software.(Now merged)