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Historians consider the US presidents from 1848-1860, Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan, as among the worst we have ever had. Yet during this period the country was at peace, the economy prosperous, taxes low, money hard, and the national debt was shrinking. This tells us how historians define political greatness. -Scott Trask
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This is the personal website of Doug Hoyte. To contact me, visit the contact page. On this site you'll find software projects of mine, technical essays I've written, and a whole lot more.

Most of my current open-source programming is uploaded to hoytech github.

News (Archive)

  1. 2015 update: I am now blogging and posting talks on hoytech.com
  2. Untangle your unix pipelines with unliner
  3. Plot Lissajous Curves in your browser
  4. Secure, efficient, simple random tokens: Session::Token
  5. Presentation: Introduction to Sorting Networks